Road Construction

Max Steininger Inc. has built miles of  roads over the years. Our crews strive to meet the schedules of the Owner and maintain the highest quality standards. Whether it be a roundabout, repurposed brick road, interstate, or any other road, we have the knowledge, talent, and equipment to get the job done.

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  • 35E (3)
Minnehaha Avenue
  • Owner: Hennepin County
  • Engineer: Bolton & Menk
  • 2 year road reconstruction
  • 2.6 Miles of New Roadway
  • Added Pedestrian Ramps, Bike Lanes, and New Sidewalk
6th Avenue North
  • Owner: City of Minneapolis
  • Engineer: Stantec
  • Salvaged and restored prexisting brick pavers to preserve the historic integrity
  • Extensive Planning and Safety coordination to accommodate high pedestrian traffic


Pilot Knob
  • Owner: Dakota County
  • Engineer: Dakota County
  • Accelerated Schedule to meet the demands of neighboring retail development
  • Added additional turn lanes to streamline traffic
  • Installed largest signal system in the State of Minnesota to date
American Boulevard
  • Owner: City of Bloomington
  • Engineer: City of Bloomington
  • All removals and demolition debris recycled onsite to limit truck traffic to and from the project.
84th and East Bush Lake Road
  • Owner: City of Bloomington
  • Engineer: City of Bloomington
  • Owner realized substantial    savings due to our value engineering proposals.
  • Owner: City of Eden Prairie
  • Engineer: SRF Consulting Group, Inc
  • Removed, reconstructed and widened Shady Oak Road at the Highway 62 Intersection
  • Improved traffic flow and safety by adding additional turn lanes and bitumonous and concrete pedestrain paths