With our extensive experience in fine grading, Max Steininger, Inc. has the talent and capability to create the perfect playing field for your community. Whether it be a brand new turf field and track, or a baseball or softball field, Max Steininger, Inc. has the knowledge, equipment and crews to exceed expectations every time.

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Academy of Holy Angels Turf Field

• Owner: Academy of Holy Angels
• Fine graded multiple acres for new turf field and accompanying dome
• Added sidewalks and pedestrian crossings to improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians

Harmon Park Improvements 

• Owner: City of West St. Paul
• Construction of 4 softball fields
• Construction of a Babe Ruth baseball field

Mahtomedi High School Track and Field 

• Owner: Mahtomedi Public Schools
• New synthetic football field
• New running track including aluminum bleachers
• Prescribed topsoil baseball field

Edina Community Center Site Improvements 

• Owner: Independent School district #273
• Construction of a new synthetic turf field
• Removal of and preparation for a new sythentic turf football field
• Resurfacing of the existing track


• Owner: Bloomington Public Schools
• Construction of 2 new synthetic turf football fields
• Installation of subsurface storm storage system

        McMurray Fields 

Owner: City of St. Paul
• Construction of 3 synthetic turf soccer fields
• Construction of subsurface storm storage system

Washburn High School Football Field 

• Owner: Minneapolis Public Schools District #1
• Construction of a new synthetic turf football field
• Resurfacing of existing track

Johnson High School 

• Owner: St. Paul Public Schools
• Construction of a synthetic turf football field
• Reconstruction of running track

Minnetonka High School Foootball Field 
  • Owner: Minnetonka Public Schools
  • Construction of a new synthetic turf football field
  • Fly ash stabilization of unstable subgrade soils
  • Replacement of running track
Minnetonka Baseball fields 

• Owner: Minnetonka Public Schools 
• Construction of synthetic soccer, baseball, and football fields 
• Installation of subsurface storm storage system


Max Steininger Inc has been making parks more enjoyable and commutes more friendly by building trails and sidewalks throughout the Metro Area. With 6 different trail and park projects over the last 2 years, Max Steininger, Inc. has transformed into an industry expert developing trails and parks for communities across the Twin Cities.

Central Gym Park Minneapolis
  • Owner: Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB)
  • Engineer: Damon Farber Landscape Architects
  • Reconstructed playground and surrounding walkways to provide a new space for children and the community
  • Graded and constructed a new multipurpose field and 1 brand new basketball court with various site amenities
Big Rivers Regional Trail
  • Owner: Minnesota Depatment of Transportation (MNDOT)
  • Engineer: Dakota County
  • Built over 1 mile of new trail connecting to the existing trail and added a new parking area for visitors
  • Graded ditch slopes, ponds, parking lots and trail section to the finest grades needed by the design
Neill & Highland Parks
  • Owner: City of Burnsville
  • Engineer: WSB & Associates, Inc.
  • Removed, regraded and replaced various trail sections around the athletic fields at Neill Park Burnsville
  • Graded and rebuilt parking lot at Highland Forest Park in Burnsville
  • Added steps and railing to various portions of trail in Neill Park, in addition to topsoil and sod
Mississippi River Regional Trail
  • Owner: Dakota County
  • Engineer: WSB
  • Graded and constructed 1.5 miles of new trail
  • Project was part of Dakota County’s Mississippi River Trail project that will run from St. Paul to Hastings
Lebanon Hills Regional Park
  • Owner: Dakota County
  • Engineer: Aune Fernandez Landscape Architects
  • Constructed various parking lots and trails throughout Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan
  • New Bituminous trail will allow for greater traffic and parking lots will allow visitors greater access to the park
Lake Calhoun/Harriet Trails
  • Owner: Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board (MPRB)
  • Engineer: SEH, Inc.
  • Reconstructed and graded parts of the trails surrounding Lakes Calhoun and Harriet in Minneapolis
  • Added pedestrian crossings with ADA approved ramps to improve lake and trail access for pedestrians
  • Owner: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
  • Engineer: Stonebrooke Engineering
  • Reconstructed existing trail along Minnehaha Creek
  • Owner: City of Rosemount
  • Engineer: WSB & Assoc.
  • Constructed 0.3 miles of concrete walk to create a safer route to the local schools
  • Added a bitumonous trail for neighborhood pedestrian access to local school
  • Owner: City of St. Paul
  • Engineer: TKDA
  • Graded and prepared for the installation of new bituminous trails and concrete steps
  • Safely executed work in steep terrain while installing safer routes for local pedestrians
  • Owner: Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
  • Engineer: RLK Incorporated
  • Removed and replaced 1.75 miles of concrete and bituminous trail along East River Parkway
  • Owner: City of Minneapolis
  • Engineer: URS Corporation
  • 223,000 sq ft of class 5 fine grading for installation of concrete sidewalk
  • Owner: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board
  • Engineer: TKDA
  • Removed, relocated and replaced 3.3 miles of bituminous and concrete walk