MSI has the equipment and experience necessary to demolish a wide range of structures – from houses to large multi-story buildings – MSI is your full service demolition contractor. Our crews quickly and safely bring down buildings of all sizes. We carefully separate the concrete, steel, wood, and other recyclables to minimize the amount sent to the landfill and keep the costs low as possible to the owner.

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Rosemount Waste Water Treatment Plant

• Owner: Metropolitan Council
• Demolish and remove a heavy structural steel process building
• Removed 14 tanks and contaminated contents
• Removed and disposed of 780,000 cubic feet of bio-solids
• 92% of the demolition debris was recycled

  • Owner: Metropolitan Council
  • Contractor: PCL Construction
  • Removed 179,000 sq ft steel roof structure while protecting walls and floors that were incorporated into the new building
  • Recycled over 1,100 tons of steel
  • Owner: CPM Development
  • Construction Manager: Reuter Walton Commercial, LLC
  • Demolished existing houses to make room for new apartment development
  • Brought down buildings both physically and environmentally safe in the tight confines of downtown Minneapolis
Fairview Southdale Hospital Addition
  • Owner: Fairview Southdale Hospital
  • Construction Manager: Knutson Construction
Spring Lake Park Senior High School

• Owner: Spring Lake Park Schools
• Demolished a 170,000 square foot elementary school to allow for the expansion of the Spring Lake Park High School
• All concrete and bituminous was recycled and reused onsite.

Former Anchor Block Facility
  • Owner: Anchor Block
  • Demolished and removed two 65′ tall steel aggregate towers
  • 100% of the demolition debris was recycled